Journal Update (3/20/12): Publication schedule for T’ang Studies:

  1. Volume 22 (2004): Shipped 12/2007.

  2. Volume 23/24 (2005/06): Shipped 5/2008.

  3. Volume 25 (2007): Shipped 3/2009.

  4. Volume 26 (2008): Shipped 9/2009.

  5. Volume 27 (2009): Shipped 12/2009.

  6. Volume 28 (2010): Shipped 12/2010.

  7. Volume 29 (2011): Shipped 12/2011.

Beginning with Volume 27, all institutional subscriptions will be managed by Maney Publishing.

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T'ang Studies is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary publication of the T'ang Studies Society. Initially conceived in 1982 as the Society’s newsletter, “intended as an informal means to bring the T’ang Scholarly Community into closer communication and cooperation” (William H. Nienhauser, Jr., “Editorial Note,” T’ang Studies 1 [1982]: 2), it quickly evolved into a full-fledged scholarly journal open to critical inquiry into all aspects of T’ang China.

Presently, T’ang Studies is edited at Cornell University and it appears once a year. Subscription to the journal is included in regular membership dues. For more information, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer at:

Submission to T’ang Studies is not limited to members of the T’ang Studies Society. The journal welcomes submissions of original research (25-50 pages in length), brief communications, reference notes, as well as bibliographic materials in the area of T’ang studies. Inquiries and manuscript submissions should be sent to the Editor:

Christopher Nugent

Department of Asian Studies

Williams College

85 Mission Park Dr.

Williamstown, MA  01267


Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance to the guidelines set forth in the Chicago Manual of Style. They should be typed and double-spaced (including double-space for quotations) on 8½″ by 11″ paper. Footnotes must be listed in sequence on separate sheets of paper and placed at the end of the manuscript. For proper citation format in footnotes, please refer to articles published in this or earlier issues of the journal. Manuscripts that do not conform to these guidelines cannot be considered and will be returned to the author.

All manuscripts are evaluated in accordance with a double-blind peer-review process. Submissions may be sent either in triplicate as hard copy, or electronically as a high resolution pdf file to the Editor. Authors should not include their names on manuscripts so as to ensure blind readings from referees. Supply instead a separate cover sheet containing the author’s name and address and the title of the article. If the manuscript includes any materials (e.g., quotations that exceed fair use, illustrations, charts and/or other graphics) taken from other sources, the author must obtain permission from the copyright owners of these materials to reproduce them in print. Also, all submissions must carry assurance that they have been submitted exclusively to T’ang Studies.

Authors whose work is published in T’ang Studies will receive 20 complimentary offprints of their contribution.

For full author/submission information, see and then click on ‘Instructions for Authors’ in the right-hand menu.