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Contents of Tang Studies by Volume


T’ang Studies 40 (2022)

Timothy Wai Keung Chan. "Amorous Adventure in the Capital: Lu Zhaolin and Luo Binwang Writing in the 'Style of the Time'" (pp. 1-54).

Miao Xiaojing. "'Defying the Times': Liu Zhiji's Resignation Letter Reconsidered" (pp. 55-82)

Ng Pak-sheung. "How Officials Rose to Success and Migrated to the Center: Considering the Tombs of Meritorious Officials at Zhaoling" (pp. 83-120)

Jao Tsung-i, trans. David J. Lebovitz. "Did Men of Song Belt Out 'Tang Ci'? An Explanation of the Poem 'I Only Fear the Spring Breeze Will Chop Me Apart'" (pp. 121-153)

Jonathan Karam Skaff. "Norman Harry Rothschild: An Appreciation of the Man and Scholar" (pp. 155-171)

Ji Hao. "Du Fu Transforms: Tradition and Ethics amid Societal Collapse by Lucas Rambo Bender (review)" (pp. 173-178)

Ori Tavor. "Imperiled Destinies: The Daoist Quest for Deliverance in Medieval China by Franciscus Verellen (review)" (pp. 179-183)

Nicholas Morrow Williams. "The Zhenzheng lun by Xuanyi: A Buddhist Apologetic Scripture of Tang China by Thomas Jülch (review)" (pp. 184-189)

T’ang Studies 39 (2021)

N. Harry Rothschild. "Chrysanthemum Cakravartin: How the Convergence of the Double Ninth Festival and a Buddhist Prophecy of a Female Warrior King Helped Wu Zhao Inaugurate the Zhou Dynasty and Fashion a New Paradigm of Political Authority" (pp. 1-39).

Yi Ding. "Ornamenting Liturgies—Scripts for a Zhai Feast and Their Liturgical Context (6th–10th Centuries)" (pp. 41-67).

David L. McMullen. "Fine Flowers from an Evil Tree: Du Fu's Last Friendship and Its Sequel" (pp. 69-100).

Jue Chen. "The Formation and Reception of a Literary-Pictorial Persona of Li Bai: Reconsidering the So-Called Li Bai Chanting a Poem on a Stroll 李白行吟圖" (pp. 101-129).


T’ang Studies 38 (2020)

Michael Hoeckelmann. "Power Emasculated: Eunuchs, Great Clans and Political Reproduction Under the Tang" (pp. 1-27)

Thomas J. Mazanec. "Of Admonition and Address: Right-hand Inscriptions (Zuoyouming) from Cui Yuan to Guanxiu" (pp. 28-56)

Thomas Hirzel. "Local History Between Fact and Fabrication: The History of Ningbo During the Tang Dynasty" (pp. 57-80)

Zheng Wen. "Constructing the Legend: A Study of Du Mu in Anecdotes" (pp. 81-116)


T’ang Studies 37 (2019)

XIAOJING MIAO. "Self-Display and Farewell Counsel: The Occasional Preface in the Early and High Tang" (pp. 1-29)

TIMOTHY WAI KEUNG CHAN. "Engulfing and Embracing the Vast Earth: Li Bai’s Cosmology in His 'Ballad on the Sun Rising and Setting'" (pp. 30-58)

JINHUA JIA. "New Poetry from the Turquoise Pond: Women Poets in Eighth and Ninth Century China" (pp. 59-80)

DAVID L. McMULLEN. "Du Fu’s Political Perspectives: His Outlook on Governorships and his Response to Yuan Jie’s Daozhou Verses" (pp. 81-110)

RONALD EGAN. "The Tang Dynasty in Song-Period Stories: The Case of Yijian zhi" (pp. 111-128)


T’ang Studies 36 (2018)

DAVID L. McMULLEN. "Put Not Your Trust in Princes: A Political Analysis of the Imperial Clan from 755 to 805" (pp. 1-56)

SHAO-YUN YANG. "Shi Xiaozhang's Spirit Road Stele and the Rhetorical 'Barbarization' of Late Tang Hebei" (pp. 57-81).

TRACY MILLER. "Translating the Ta: Pagoda, Tumulus, and Ritualized Mahāyāna in Seventh-Century China" (pp. 82-120)

XIN ZOU. "Collecting Memories of a Fading Glory: A Translation of Li Deyu's (787-850) Ci Liushi Jiuwen" (pp. 121-149)


JESSEY CHOO and ALEXEI DITTER. "'On Commemorative Inscriptions': Fourth Workshop of the New Frontiers in the Study of Medieval China, Reed College, May 17-19, 2018" (pp. 150-154)

T’ang Studies 35 (2017)

PAUL W. KROLL. "Recalling Xuanzong and Lady Yang: A Selection of Mid- and Late Tang Poems" (pp.1-19)

TONY D. QIAN. "Classical Learning and the Law: Erudition as Persuasion in the Dragon Sinews, Phoenix Marrow Judgments of Zhang Zhuo" (pp.20-50).

FRANCISCUS VERELLEN. "Green Memorials: Daoist Ritual Prayers in the Tang-Five Dynasties Transition" (pp.51-86)

MEI AH TAN. "New Music Bureau Poetry as Memorial: The True Significance of Yuan Zhen's 'Shangyang Baifa Ren'" (pp.87-108)

Book Reviews:

TIMOTHY O'NEILL. Review of A Student's Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese by Paul W. Kroll et al.

NICHOLAS MORROW WILLIAMS. Review of Li Deyu (787-850): Religion und Politik in der Tang-Zeit by Michael Höckelmann


T’ang Studies 34 (2016)

DOMINIC J. TOSCANO. “Naively Perfect: A Note on the Image of the Boat in Zhang Jiuling's Poems" (pp. 1-11)

YUE HONG. “Divorce Practice in Medieval Dunhuang: Reading 'Documents on Setting the Wife Free'" (pp. 12-39)

JIE WU. “Vitality and Cohesiveness in the Poetry of Shangguan Wan'er (664-710)” (pp. 40-72)

XIN WEN. “What's in a Surname? Central Asian Participation in the Culture of Naming of Medieval China” (pp. 73-98)

THOMAS MAZANEC. “Guanxiu's 'Mountain-Dwelling Poems': A Translation” (pp. 99-124)

Book Reviews:

LUCAS KLEIN. "On Cold Mountain: A Buddhist Reading of the Hanshan Poems" (pp. 125-128)

NICHOLAS MORROW WILLIAMS. "Tōdai no bungaku no riron: 'fukko' to 'sōshin'" (pp. 128-132)


T’ang Studies 33 (2015)

JESSEY J.C. CHOO. “Shall We Profane the Service of the Dead? Burial Divinations, Untimely Burials, and Remembrance in Tang Muzhiming" (pp. 1-37)

NATHAN VEDAL. “Never Taking a Shortcut: Examination Poetry of the Tang" (pp. 38-61)

ANNETTE KIESER. “A 'Golden Age' Just for the Living? Silver Vessels in Tang Tombs” (pp. 62-90)

Review Articles:

MICHAEL RADICH. “Review of Paul Copp, The Body Incantatory: Spells and the Ritual Imagination in Medieval Chinese Buddhism” (pp. 91-110)

SARAH M. ALLEN. “Stories and Storytellers in a Changing World: Manling Luo's Literati Storytelling in Late Medieval China” (pp. 111-128)

Workshop Report:

JESSEY J.C. CHOO and ALEXEI DITTER. "'On Muzhiming': Inaugural Workshop of New Frontiers in the Study of Medieval China, Rutgers University, May 15-16, 2015" (pp. 129-134)


T’ang Studies 32 (2014)

DANIEL HSIEH. “Meeting Through Poetry: Du Fu's 杜甫 (712-770) 'Written in Accord with Prefect Yuan's Ballad of Chongling'" (pp. 1-20)

ALEXEI DITTER. “The Commerce of Commemoration: Commissioned Muzhiming in the Mid- to Late Tang" (pp. 21-46)

DAVID L. MCMULLEN. “The Emperor, the Princes, and the Prefectures: A Political Analysis of the Pu'an Decree of 756 and the Fengjian Issue” (pp. 47-97)


T’ang Studies 31 (2013)

NICHOLAS MORROW WILLIAMS. “The Taste of the Ocean: Jiaoran's Theory of Poetry” (pp. 1-27)

SHAO-YUN YANG. “ 'What Do Barbarians Know of Gratitude?' The Stereotype of Barbarian Perfidy and its Uses in Tang Foreign Policy Rhetoric" (pp. 28-74)


CARLA NAPPI. “Recycling History" (pp. 75-90)


T’ang Studies 30 (2012)

Editor’s Note (p. 1)

In Memoriam: Elling O. Eide (pp. 2-8)

PAUL W. KROLL “Zhang Jiuling and the Lychee” (pp. 9-22)

MANLING LUO. “What One Has Heard and Seen: Intellectual Discourse in a Late Eighth-Century Miscellany” (pp. 23-44)

ANDREW EISENBERG. “Emperor Gaozong, the Rise of Wu Zetian, and Factional Politics in the Early Tang” (pp. 45-69)

Review Article:

MICHAEL A. FULLER. “Defining the Sovereign Body” (pp. 70-85)


T’ang Studies 29 (2011)

Editor’s Note (p. 1)

JACK W. CHEN. “On Sui and Tang Cities: An Introduction” (pp. 2-5)

VICTOR CUNRUI XIONG. “The Miscellaneous Record of the Reign of the Great Enterprise and Sui Luoyang” (pp. 6-26)

LINDA RUI FENG. “Negotiating Vertical Spaces: Walls, Vistas, and the Topographical Imagination” (pp. 27-44)

JACK W. CHEN. “Social Networks, Court Factions, Ghosts, and Killer Snakes: Reading Anyi Ward” (pp. 45-61)

ALEXEI DITTER. “Conceptions of Urban Space in Duan Chengshi’s ‘Record of Monasteries and Stupas’” (pp. 62-83)

T’ang Studies 28 (2010)

DAVID L. McMULLEN. “Disorder in the Ranks: A Political Analysis of Tang Court Assemblies” (pp. 1-60)

CHARLES HARTMAN. “Du Fu in the Poetry Standards (Shige 詩格) and the Origins of the Earliest Du Fu Commentary” (61-76)

SHIYING PANG. “Eminent Nuns and / or/ as Virtuous Women: The Representation of Tang Female Renunciants in Tomb Inscriptions (pp. 77-96)

T’ang Studies 27 (2009)

DING XIANG WARNER. “Editor’s Note” (pp. 1)

PAUL W. KROLL. “On the Study of Tang Literature” (pp. 3-18)

Y. EDMUND LIEN. “Dunhuang Gazetteers of the Tang Period” (pp. 19-39)

WENDI ADAMEK. “The Literary Lives of Nuns: Poems Inscribed on a Memorial Niche for the Tang Nun Benxing” (pp. 40-65)

ALEXEI DITTER. “New Shoes and Trimmed Feet: The Formation of the Modern Canon of Tang Dynasty Prose” (pp. 66-89)

T’ang Studies 26 (2008)

Essays in Honor of the Sixtieth Birthday of Paul W. Kroll

Guest Editors Shiyi Yu and Timothy Wai Keung Chan

TIMOTHY WAI KEUNG CHAN. “Forward” (pp. i-iv)

Bibliography of Paul W. Kroll (pp. 1-12)

PING WANG. “Sound of the Maple on the Yangzi River: A Topos of Melancholia in Early to Medieval Chinese Poetic Writing” (pp. 13-38)

BRIGITTA LEE. “Commemorating Literary Perfection: Xie Lingyun’s (385-433) Imitative Remembrance of Ying Yang (d. 217)” (pp. 39-64)

YUE HONG. “A Structural Study of Ninth-Century Anecdotes on ‘Original Events’” (pp. 65-84)

SHIYI YU. “Zhuangzi’s Posthumous Titles and Teachers: How Did Zhuangzi Continue Speaking to the Heart?” (pp. 85-98)

STEPHAN N. KORY. “A Remarkably Resonant and Resilient Tang-dynasty Augural Stone: Empress Wu’s Baotu” (pp. 99-124)

J.E.E. PETTIT. “The Erotic Empress: Fantasy and Sovereignty in Chinese Temple Inscriptions” (pp. 125-142)

TIMOTHY WAI KEUNG CHAN. “The Quest of Lord of the Great Dao: Textual and Literary Exegeses of a Shangqing ‘Register’ (HY 1378)” (pp. 143-173)

T’ang Studies 25 (2007)

PAUL W. KROLL. “Four Vignettes from the Court of Tang Xuanzong” (pp. 1-28)

STEPHEN R. BOKENKAMP. “Li Bai, Huangshan, and Alchemy” (pp. 29-56)

STEPHEN OWEN. “A Tang Version of Du Fu: The Tangshi Leixuan” (pp. 57-90)

WILLIAM H. NIENHAUSER, JR. “A Third Look at ‘Li Wa Zhuan’” (pp. 91-110)

ANNA M. SHIELDS. “Words for the Dead and the Living: Innovations in the Mid-Tang ‘Prayer Text’ (Jiwen)” (pp. 111-146)

T.H. BARRETT. “The Background to the First Modern Li Wengong Ji” (pp. 147-156).

AMY McNAIR. “Beliefs About Sculpture: The Marble Guardsmen of the Court Eunuch Yang Sixu” (pp. 157-182)

MICHAEL R. DROMPP. “Chinese ‘Qaghans’ Appointed by Turks” (pp. 183-202

ANTHONY DeBLASI. “Contemplating Rulership: The Changduan Jing and Tang Political Thought” (pp.203-232)


T’ang Studies 23-24 (2005-2006)

MARY ANNE CARTELLI. “The Gold-Colored World: “Eulogy on the Holy Regions of Mount Wutai” (pp. 1-46)

CHRISTOPHER G. REA. “I Envy Your New Teeth and Hair”: Humor, Self-Awareness and Du Fu’s Poetic Self-Image” (pp. 47-90)

SING-CHEN LYDIA CHIANG. “Poetry and Fictionality in Tang Records of Anomalies” (pp. 91-118)

YOUNG KYUN OH. “Two Silla Intellectuals in Tang: Case Studies of Early Sino-Korean Cultural Connections” (119-148)

NORMAN HARRY ROTHSCHILD. “Beyond Filial Piety: Biographies of Exemplary Women and Wu Zhao’s New Paradigm of Political Authority” (149-168)

Y. EDMUND LIEN. “The Moral High Ground: Two Admonitory Fu by Liu Zongyuan” (pp. 169-186)

Bibliography: Scholarly Work on the Tang, 2005-2006 (pp. 187-216)

T’ang Studies 22 (2004)

PING YAO. “The Daoist Investiure of Princess Jinxian and Yuzhen and the Journey of Tang Imperial Daughters” (pp. 1-40)

ANNA M. SHIELDS. “ The Limits of Knowledge: Three Han Yu Letters to Friends, 799-802” (pp. 41-80)

YUGEN WANG. “Shigen: The Popular Poetics of Regulated Verse” (pp. 81-126)

Bibliography: Scholarly Works on T’ang Studies, 203-2004 (pp. 127-150)

T’ang Studies 20-21 (2002-2003)

DING XIANG WARNER. "Rethinking the Authorship and Dating of 'Gujing ji'" (pp. 1-38)

ANDREW EISENBERG. "A Study in Court Factionalism: The Politics of Tang Taizong" (pp. 39-69)

CHARLES HOLCOMBE. "Immigrants and Strangers: From Cosmopolitanism to Confucian Universalism in Tang China" (pp. 71-112)

PATRICIA KARETZKY. "Wu Zetian and Buddhist Art of the Tang Dynasty" (pp. 113-52)

CAROLYN FORD. "Note on a Portrait of Li Jilan (d. 784)" (pp. 153-61)

T’ang Studies 18-19 (2000-2001)

JINHUA CHEN. "The Birth of a Polymath: The Genealogical Background of the Tang Monk-Scientist Yixing (673-727)" (pp. 1-39)

MICHELLE SANS. "A Better View of Li Bai's 'Imitating the "Fu on Resentment"'" (pp. 41-59)

PATRICIA E. KARETZKY. "Imperial Splendor in the Service of the Sacred: The Famen Tea Treasures" (pp. 61-85)

PAUL W. KROLL . "The Significance of the fu in the History of T'ang Poetry" (pp. 87-105)

T’ang Studies 17 (1999)

DAVID PRAGER BRANNER. "A Neutral Transcription System for Teaching Medieval Chinese" (pp. 1-170)

JAN A.M. DE MEYER. "Mountainhopping: The Life of Wu Yun" (pp. 171-211)

PATRICIA E. KARETZKY. "The Representation of Women in Medieval China: Recent Archaeological Evidence" (pp. 213-70)


T’ang Studies 15-16 (1997-98)

ANNA M. SHIELDS. "Gathering the 'Flowers' of Poetry and Song: An Analysis of Three Anthologies from the Late Tang and Shu" (pp. 1-39)

PAUL W. KROLL. "Tamed Kite and Stranded Fish: Interference and Apology in Lu Chao-lin's fu" (pp. 41-77)

J. RUSSELL KIRKLAND. "Dimensions of Tang Taoism: The State of the Field at the End of the Millennium" (pp. 79-123)

CHARLES HOLCOMBE. "Early Imperial China's Deep South: The Viet Regions through Tang Times" (pp. 125-56)

TIM W. CHAN. "Literary Criticism and the Ethics of Poetry: The 'Four Elites of the Early Tang' and Pei Xingjian" (pp. 157-82)

T’ang Studies 14 (1996)

JIA JINHUA. "The 'Pearl Scholars' and the Final Establishment of Regulated Verse" (pp. 1-20)

RICHARD G. WANG. "Liu Tsung-yüaan's 'Tale of Ho-chien' and Fiction" (pp. 21-48)

STEPHEN H. WEST. "Serendipity: A Little Note on Du Fu Texts in the Jin" (pp. 49-65)

JUE CHEN. "Calculated Anachronisms and Intertextual Echoes in Bu Jiang Zong baiyuan zhuan" (pp. 67-97)

HOWARD Y.F. CHOY. "Frustrated Expectation: On the Phonic License of Li Bo's Heptasyllabic Regulated Octaves" (pp. 99-123)

J. MICHAEL FARMER. "Passages: Three Poems at Thorn Portal" (pp. 125-40)


T’ang Studies 13 (1995)

Guest Editors: David R. Knechtges, Stephen Owen

DAVID R. KNECHTGES. "Hans H. Frankel, Teacher and Scholar" (pp. 1-5)

STEPHEN OWEN. "Hans Frankel, the Gentle Revolutionary" (pp. 7-8)

Partial List of the Writings of Hans H. Frankel (pp. 9-11)

DONALD HOLZMAN and DENIS TWITCHETT. "The Life and Work of Robert des Rotours" (pp. 13-31)

PAUL W. KROLL. "Li Po's Inscription for the Great Bell of the Hua-ch'eng Monastery" (pp. 33-50)

DAVID R. KNECHTGES. "The Old-Style fu of Han Yu" (pp. 51-80)

STEPHEN OWEN. "What Did Liuzhi Hear?: The 'Yan Terrace Poems' and the Culture of Romance" (pp. 81-118)

MICHAEL FULLER. "Liu Kezhuang on Tang Poetry" (pp. 119-41)


T’ang Studies 12 (1994)

ZU-YAN CHEN. "Chang Yüeh: First Poet of the High T'ang" (pp. 1-10)

PATRICIA KARETZKY. "New Archaeological Evidence of Tang Esoteric Art" (pp. 11-37)

SHELLEY W. CHAN. "How the Story is Told and Who is Telling: Reading Li Bai's 'Ballad of Changgan' and 'Ballad of Jiangxia' " (pp. 39-55)

PAUL RAKITA GOLDIN. "Reading Po Chü-i" (pp. 57-96)

HO CH'ING-KU . "The Artistic Achievement and Historical Position of Huai-su's Draft-Script Calligraphy" (pp. 97-116)

T’ang Studies 10-11 (1992-93)

P.A. HERBERT. "Decree Examinations in T'ang China" (pp. 1-40)

SHAN CHOU. "Literary Reputations in Context" (pp. 41-66)

JAN DE MEYER. "Confucianism and Daoism in the Political Thought of Luo Yin" (pp. 67-80)

ZHOU JIANGUO; tr. JONATHAN PEASE. "Consider the Sun and Moon: Li Te-yü and the Written Word" (pp. 81-109)

SUZANNE CAHILL. "Marriages Made in Heaven" (pp. 111-22)

AMY McNAIR. "Draft Entry for a T'ang Biographical Dictionary: Yen Chen-ch'ing" (pp. 123-51)

J. RUSSELL KIRKLAND. "Three Entries for a T'ang Biographical Dictionary: Wang Hsi-i, Huang Ling-wei, Ho Chih-chang" (pp. 153-65)

T’ang Studies 8-9 (1990-91)

"Edward Hetzel Schafer, 1913-1991" (p 3-8)

Bibliography of Edward H. Schafer (p 9-22)

EDWARD H. SCHAFER. "What and How Is Sinology?" (pp. 23-44)

CAROLE MORGAN. "T'ang Geomancy: The Wu-hsing ('Five Names') Theory and Its Legacy" (pp. 45-76)

JAMES J. LALLY. "An Unusual Group of Early T'ang Painted Pottery Figures" (pp. 77-81)

FAN-PEN CHEN. "Problems of Chinese Historiography As Seen In the Official Records on Yang Kuei-fei" (pp. 83-96)

PAUL W. KROLL. "Po Chü-i's 'Song of Lasting Regret': A New Translation" (pp. 97-104)

ELLING O. EIDE. "Another Go at the Mao Ying chuan" (pp. 105-11)

T’ang Studies 7 (1989)

Publications of Edwin G. Pulleyblank (to May 1990) (p 3-21)

DENIS TWITCHETT. "Po Chü-I's 'Government Ox' " (pp. 23-38)

JENNIFER W. JAY. "The Li Hsün Faction and the Sweet Dew Incident of 835" (pp. 39-58)

D.L McMULLEN. "The Cult of Ch'i T'ai-kung and T'ang Attitudes to the Military" (pp. 59-103)

DANIEL BRYANT. "On the Authenticity of the Tz'u Attributed to Li Po" (pp. 105-36)

J.D. SCHMIDT. "Disorder and the Irrational in the Poetry of Han Yü" (pp. 137-67)

TERENCE RUSSELL . "The Taoist Elegies of Ku K'uang" (pp. 169-95)

T’ang Studies 6 (1988)

MICHAEL R. DROMPP. "A T'ang Adventurer in Inner Asia" (pp. 1-23)

JOHN LEE. "The Dragons and Tigers of 792: The Examination In T'ang History" (pp. 25-47)

HUGH R. CLARK. "Bridles, Halters, and Hybrids: A Case Study in T'ang Frontier Policy" (pp. 49-68)

DONALD HARPER. "A Note on Nightmare Magic in Ancient and Medieval China" (pp. 69-76)

VOLKER KLÖPSCH. "Lo Pin-wang's Survival: Traces of a Legend" (pp. 77-97)

JOSEPH J. LEE . "A New Ch'üan T'ang shih" (pp. 99-101)

T’ang Studies 5 (1987)

HELLMUT WILHELM and DAVID R. KNECHTGES. "T'ang T'ai-tsung's Poetry" (pp. 1-23)

TS'EN CHUNG-MIEN; tr. P.A. HERBERT. "The T'ang System of Bureaucratic Titles and Grades" (pp. 25-31)

STEPHEN JONES and LAURENCE PICKEN. "Tunes of T'ang Date for the 'Get Treasure Song'?" (pp. 33-44)

EDWARD H. SCHAFER. "The Dance of the Purple Culmen" (pp. 45-68)

AMY McNAIR. "Fa shu yao lu, a Ninth-Century Compendium of Texts on Calligraphy" (pp. 69-86)

SUZANNE CAHILL. "Reflections, Disputes, and Warnings: Three Medieval Chinese Poems about Paintings of the Eight Horses of King Mu" (pp. 87-94)

PAUL W. KROLL. "Basic Data on Reign-Dates and Local Government" (pp. 95-104)


T’ang Studies 4 (1986)

DENIS TWITCHETT. "The Inner Palace Diary (Nei ch'i-chü chu)" (pp. 1-9)

MADELINE K. SPRING. "Han Yü's Chin-hsüeh chieh: A Rhapsody on Higher Learning" (pp. 11-27)

VICTOR H. MAIR. "The Origins of an Iconographical Form of the Pilgrim Hsüan-tsang" (pp. 29-41)

J. RUSSELL KIRKLAND. "The Last Taoist Grand Master at the T'ang Imperial Court: Li Han-kuang and T'ang Hsüan-tsung" (pp. 43-67)

DONALD HARPER. "The Analects Jade Candle: A Classic of T'ang Drinking Custom" (pp. 69-90)

SUZANNE CAHILL. "Night-Shining White: Traces of a T'ang Dynasty Horse in Two Media" (pp. 91-95)

T’ang Studies 3 (1985)

EDWARD H. SCHAFER. "The Princess Realized in Jade" (pp. 1-23)

PAUL W. KROLL. "The Flight from the Capital and the Death of Precious Consort Yang" (pp. 25-53)

JULIA K. MURRAY. "Recent Archaeological Discoveries on the Sui and T'ang: Articles from Chinese Journals, 1983" (pp. 55-94)

ELLING O. EIDE. "In the Wake of Wei Chien's Flotilla or 'Precious Chicken, Indeed!': Some Additional Notes on the Great Heavenly Treasure Scandal" (pp. 95-107)

S.F. TEISER. "T'ang Buddhist Encyclopedias: An Introduction to Fa-yü'an chu-lin and Chu-ching yao-chi" (pp. 109-128)

T’ang Studies 2 (1984)

RAOUL BIRNBAUM. "Thoughts on T'ang Buddhist Mountain Traditions and Their Context" (pp. 5- 23)

PAUL W. KROLL."The True Dates of the Reigns and Reign-Periods of T'ang" (pp. 25-30)

J. RUSSELL KIRKLAND.  "Chang Kao - Noteworthy T'ang Taoist?" (pp. 31-35)

D.L McMULLEN. "A Note on the Feng Ritual of 742 - In Response to Professor Elling Eide" (pp. 37-40)

T’ang Studies 1 (1982)

ELLING O. EIDE. "Li Po's Riddle Naming Cloud-ritual Hsü in Relation to the Feng Sacrifice of 742 and the Great Heavenly Treasure Scandal, to which Is Appended a Note on Stamping Songs and a Sino-Turkish Name for the Huns" (pp. 8-20)

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