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This page will feature links to various resources for scholarship on the T'ang. To contribute to this page, please send a link and brief description to




Academia Sinica Scripta Sinica 漢籍電子文獻

Full-text database of Zhonghua editions of Standard/Dynastic Histories, Thirteen Classics, and other texts.


Gugong Hanquan Text Database



A full-text, searchable database of important texts including the Quan Tang shi 全唐詩 and the Zizhi tongjian 資治通鑑.


Yintong: Chinese Phonological Database


Designed by David Branner, this is a database of Chinese characters is in the Guangyun 廣韻, the important rhyme dictionary completed in 1008 C.E.



Elling Eide Center Research Library and Preserve


The center was created by a former President of the Society, the late Elling Eide. It is located in Sarasota, Florida and dedicated to the study of classical Chinese literature and culture.

International Dunhuang Project

Information and images of more than 100,000 manuscripts, paintings, textiles and artifacts from Dunhuang and other Silk Road sites freely available.

The Silkroad Foundation


The Silkroad Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in 1996, to promote the study and preservation of cultures and art on Inner Asia and the Silk Road.



Scholarly Websites:

Daoist Studies


The Daoist Studies website contains scholarly information about Daoism, including books on Daoism, conferences, scholars, a bibliography and general resources for learning about Daoism.

The Chang'an Project


A research project headed by Professor Heng Chye Kiang from the National University of Singapore to digitally reconstruct the cityscape of Tang Chang 'an (618 - 907 CE).



In Memoriam:


Professor David McMullen on Professor Denis Twitchett (1925-2006)

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Professors Michael R. Drompp, Paul W. Kroll, and Victor H. Mair on Elling O. Eide: Webfile



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