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Studies in Early Medieval Chinese
Literature and Cultural History

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About Richard B. Mather

Bibiography of Richard B. Mather

About Donald Holzman

Bibliography of Donald Holzman

On the Authenticity of "Poem in Seven Paces"

           Robert Joe Cutter

Sweet-peel Orange or Southern Gold? Regional Identity in Western Jin Literature

           David R. Knechtges

Courting Disengagement: "Beckoning the Recluse" Poems of the Western Jin
     Alan Berkowitz

The Craft of Original Imitation: Lu Ji's Imitations of Han Old Poems
     C.M. Lai

The Divine Songs of the Lady of Purple Tenuity
     Paul W. Kroll

Of Noble Ladies and Notable Conventions: The Search for Gu Kaizhi
     Audrey Spiro

Women's Roles in Wei-Chin Character Appraisal
     Nanxiu Qian

Patron's Influence on Bao Zhao's Poetry
     Jui-lung Su

Odes on Objects and Patronage during the Southern Qi
     Cynthia Chennault

Wei Tan and the Historiography of the Wei shu
     Albert E. Dien


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